Stuart Martin

More Artists Playing CWG Instruments


Arnab Saha

Harry Spear

Jeff Lakata

Rikk Beatty

George Lynch

Gerry Ganaden

Bill Wilkins

Billy Wilkins

Johnny Sizemore

Kevin Wyer

Gary Webber

Hui Kwan Tsui

Other companies I have done work for





The Fret House

Sims Custom Shop

Legacy One

E.T. Guitars

Blue Rocker Customs

Jaden Rose

Mai Guitars

Mr Scary Guitars

Kresimir Kastelan

Anyone who would like to be added to my Artist Spotlight page,  Send me some photos of you playing a CWG instrument along with any links and info you would like to have included.

Tommy Fields

Jonny Friday

Zach "Buddah" Aguilar

Jameson Bradford

Scott Stapelcamp