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Thanks for all the great info man. I purchased the guitar from a friend of mine here. I am located in Staunton Virginia. I payed like 700 bucks for it after just playing it one time. I know he found it on ebay several years ago but im not sure where it was located. Ill ask him when i see him. I have done alot of cleaning and polishing and gave her a really nice setup and it looks great. Not a mark on it. Well it has found its permanent home now. You did an amazing job on this thing man. A real players guitar. Im glad i was fortunate enough to have aquired it.

I play in a working hard rock cover band and I will be using it for the first time at our next show.  I'll send you some pics and video links so you can see/ hear it in action.  I'm hoping to get added to your web page as a CWG artist as this guitar has truly become my favorite piece among my massive collection of ESPs and PRSs.  I'm really looking forward to putting it through its paces.  This thing is rock solid again !  I know it's an oldy but man it's still incredible !  Thanks again !  Ps.  I've been offered 2 grand for it and I refuse to let it go. Lol. 

Artist: Scott Stapelcamp

Instruments:   Passion & Warfare Tribute

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