Larry Neal Jenkins / C.I.F.E.R. Bass


After about (4) hours of playing my CIFER, I think I'm prepared to offer some feedback other then WOW!


I'd be flattered to have it passed along to other players who may be considering a CWG instrument.


After looking at your website & Facebook, and  reading about your background,  and seeing descriptions, pictures, etc. of your work, I knew I would receive a superb instrument.


However, The CIFER Custom Bass that you built for me far exceeds what I was prepared for!


The bass is ergonomic and comfortable, perfect playing position. Everything about the construction feels tight & right.

What impresses me most is how you combined all the right elements to provide a HUGE sound!


There were details that I chose: hardware, finish, and graphics, that made this a personal instrument; but I thought it best to go with

your suggestions as to tonewoods and electronics for a Bass Guitar.


Wow, did you ever get it right! 


There are SO MANY tonal variations available; even the slightest adjustment adds tremendous color and flavor.

No matter how the bass is eq'd everything is full, resonant, and even. It's a wonderful and powerfully expressive instrument.


Needless to say, the bass is built flawlessly, that's to be taken for granted from your shop; I think it looks amazing.


You asked for critiques; honestly I don't have any! At first, the placement of the input jack seemed a bit out of place, but now

the location and angle are just fine, and make perfect sense.


Thanks for your skills, time, and craftsmanship in building this instrument for me- I promise you that I'll enjoy playing it immensely

for the rest of my life!




Budda / 55V8 Bass

The bass sounds amazing.  You did an incredible job.


Borut K /

It's me Borut from Slovenia!

I just wanted to let you know that I received the parts today in PERFECT condition. I couldn't stop looking at them.


Thank You a lot.

I was thinking... Do you realize that you don't just build guitars/instruments, YOU also MAKE PEOPLE/CUSTOMERS HAPPY!!!

And that's very important!

I know that I am more than happy and satisfied.

Thank you again for your incredible work and effort!!!


Dalton Malaby / Custom PGM Repro body & neck


It is so beautiful...very professional job!

Thanks for taking the time to answer my emails.

Thanks so much,


Javier Navarro / Custom Jungle Jem guitar

The paint on guitar is really stunning man¡¡¡¡ This is really a great job.

Ok Chris, i´m really happy with guitar. Please let me say that your

attention and communication were all the time excellent. Very honest and

clear. Thanks for all and we stay in contact. I would be very proud to sent

you some pics. Just give some days.


Rick Bruno / Custom J Bass body

I finished the bass today.

Yep...She is bad motha-plucker..and pretty to boot..!!!

Thank you Sir..

I'll be in touch soon about the other (alder) body.


Rand Ledbetter / Custom Tele

Thanks again, guitar plays sweet. Literally  begs to be played, won't spend much time in the case.

Christopher, when I first met you I knew I had meet a man of character and honesty. And as I watch you take it to a whole new level I am very impressed with your commitment to your craft and the qualty of work you handcraft.  It has been my privilege to know you.


Thomas Schare / bones guitar

Hi Christopher,  What can I say... It's just a dream. Your Skull is just the best I have ever seen!  Much much better than the very expensive original ESP. The sound is great and strong. Like a wall of sound.  But the best no question is the greatfull neck. The touch is so excellent. I LOVE the feeling of the wood. The fine mat colour and the carving of the skull look so brilliant.  I'm very very proud to be the owner of this fine and unique guitar.  So I miss the words to say the right feeling I have.  But a BIGBIG THANK YOU for your MASTERWORK!  I wish you all the best and you can be sure I will be a very strong keeper for this high class instrument!  All the best.


Rikk Beatty (5th Order)/ beetle & eye of Ra inlay

I received the guitar today man. It looks just absolutely beautiful. Thanks again man!!


Greg LaMastro

I got my guitar back yeasterday with the new neck installed and it is

outstanding.  Even my guitar guy was raving about your craftsmanship. 

I am very happy with it and I am thinking about having you make another one

for one of my other RG550's!!! 

Please take care of yourself and I will be in touch.



Harry Spear / 20+ Orders!!!

Your work is out standing on the guitar necks that I have received from you!!! Keep up the great work! Your JEM necks are really nice and they are nicer than a real JEM neck. Great workmanship!!!

Thanks once again,


Shannon Sharp

Hi Christopher,

I just wanted to let you know that one of your creations has one the Sept 2009 Guitar Of The Month on www.metalguitarist.org.  I bought the parts from Lee & them put it all together!  I call it the "Sexxxiverse."  It truly is a fine instrument & I'd love to order another custom from you!  It meets &, in some cases, exceeds all the high-end Ibanez 7-strings I own or have owned.


Here's the thread I started once I got it together:



And here's the GOTM thread.  It was nominated & voted on by the forum members.



Thank you again for an unbelievable instrument!



Shannon Sharp



Scott Staplekamp

Thanks for all the great info man. I purchased your guitar from a friend of mine here.  Well it has found its permanent home now. You did an amazing job on this thing man. A real players guitar. Im glad i was fortunate enough to have acquired it.


Kresimir Kastelan

I don’t have any quotes from this guy but he’s been tagging me in on most of his bass photos on Facebook for the past 2 years.  That Rocks!


Nancy Porter

Just wanted to say thank you for the guitar.    My husband loves it!  We are sending someone else to ya also!  Again I appreciate how fast you did it for me.


Bill Wilkins

I love it!  I think you are on to something with guitar,  When people see this I bet you get flooded with orders for more guitars just like this one.


Andy Los

thank you so much i received the guitar parts yesterday and i’m impressed   well done and thank you so much.


Fred Bagni

I bought a body and neck from you last year. My wife picked up when you lived here in LA. It worked out great. Thanks!


I was hoping that you could help me with my new project.


Jim White (Jemsite moderator) - body and neck mod

This is an insane guitar. The body is a custom order from Christopher Woods Guitars that is loaded with custom ordered Bartolini pickups and a preamp built by Frank Falbo.  This is all top shelf from folks who know what they're doing. The guy is a great luthier but heavily back-ordered.

The CWG body is basically a two piece body; a 22mm Alder back and a 17mm Purpleheart front with a 5mm Walnut top.   If you look hard at the neck dot markers you can see that Christopher Woods removed the original  markers and replaced them with Purpleheart markers. He also laminated the headstock with Purpleheart. This is absolutely an awesome guitar that needs to go to someone who can play and will play her - no need in owning a Ferrari if I drive in rush hour traffic


alvaro sanchez fernandez


It's perfect, the fabrication is really amaizing!!

Thank's a lot! I want to trade with you again!