We do our best to build the finest instruments available.  However if something should go wrong we offer a 1 year warranty.  Routine maintenance, misuse or abuse is not covered.  We feel that most defects would be found within the first month of ownership but we will correct any problems due to workmanship throughout the first year.

Routine maintenance should be carried out by someone with qualifications in your local area.  I recommend this because of the way stringed instruments are effected by climate.  If you send you instrument off to the best setup guy across the country, it probably won't play as well as it could due to differences in climate and the way that effects your instrument.


RETURNS - for in stock items

If you ordered an item that I have pre made and there were no requests for custom modifications to that item,  I will accept a return if notified within a 7 day period from when it was received.

RETURNS - for custom orders

If you have placed a custom order,  no returns will be accepted.  If you have a deposit on a custom order and cancel that order,  you will forfeit your deposit on cancellation.

LED lights

LED's are lightbulbs.  They will eventually fail.  Most LED's are rated for 50,000 hours of use.  Given the average time that they would normally be on for playing an instrument,  they should last for decades...  However, that is not a guarantee that they will last as long as they are rated for.  My policy is that since I can not control any of that,  If they work when you receive the instrument then we have done our job.  If they fail at any point after that,  there would be a fee involved to replace them.